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Success and wellbeing
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Dieser Service wird zum 1. Februar 2018 abgeschaltet.

Wir bedanken uns bei allen, die das Angebot genutzt haben.

Mentaga Team

This service will be switched off by 1st February 2018.

Thanks to all who used this service.

Mentaga team

How it works

The key to success is your mental fitness, since it directly determines your personal capability. With mentaga GYM, you have access to a number of applications with which you can simultaneously test and train your mental skills.

Better mental fitness means for you:

  • Better career opportunities
  • More quality of life
  • Being and staying naturally young and vital
Scientific studies show that everyone who trains with mentaga GYM, no matter what age or personal qualifications, can considerably increase the training level of their brain and thus their mental fitness. Guaranteed!

Try out mentaga GYM free of charge and free of obligation.

Discover what you have in you and use your full potential.

You will find more information on the mentaga service here: more info