How to purchase a mentaga GYM voucher

A mentaga GYM voucher is the ideal present: it's practical, everyone likes it and it's affordable, uncomplicated and easy to purchase. How does it work?

Step 1: Send an email to order@mentaga.com with the following content:
  • Validity
    • 12 months premium membership (60 EUR)
    • 6 months premium membership (42 EUR)
    • 1 month premium membership (9 EUR)*
  • Delivery address
Step 2: Pay via bank transfer and we will send you the voucher to the desired address

Step 3: The recipient of the voucher has to register and to enter the code from the voucher and will be registered as a premium member straight away.

*Mentaga vouchers can be transferred, do not have an expiry date and can only be used once. However it is not possible to return them. An additional charge of 2.50 EUR applies for delivery.

How to redeem your mentaga GYM voucher:

It is very easy to redeem your mentaga voucher:

Step 1: If you are not registered yet, please do so, it is free and nonbinding. Please log-in afterwards.

Step 2: After you have logged in please click on the 'voucher' button.

Step 3: Please enter your code from the voucher on the page in the box provided and you will be registered as a premium user straight away. If you are already a member this will simply extend your membership.